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Related article: Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 11:51:05 -0800 (PST) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: Adventures in Nature 12The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"Adventures In Nature" 12 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"I got here as fast as I could. How's Denis?" Barry questioned, as Steve dove into the enclosure of his mate's arms."I thought things were looking up, Barry... and now this!""Shhhh... things are going to work out, Steve.""I dunno. He seemed fine when I left him this afternoon. What happened?" Steve whined, almost on the verge of crying.As the two cuddled, in walks Dr. Roberts, tailed by Luke de Mott and Jack Collier.Breaking from Steve's grip Barry questions, "Anyone mind telling me what set Denis off?""It's complicated, Barry," Gary Roberts replies, placing a hand on each, Barry's and Steve's shoulder, ushering them to a table.Jack and Luke took a seat around the circular table, being the last to sit. At the same time, they offer their sympathies.After a few seconds explanation, Barry interjects, "Well yes, it seems that ever since this Matt fellow, from WRCC, there's been a `domino effect', what with Darryl Tudyk...""Yeah. What the hell has happened to him?" Steve enters the conversation.Swiftly calming Steve, hand to shoulder, Barry adds to Steve's comment, "We would just like to know what's going on."Barry suspects something right away, after Gary and Luke exchange glances."So?" Barry asks, his hand calming Steve, rubbing his back."It seems..." Gary gives a shallow explanation, not going into theories, layman's jargon," Denis has a problem with meeting guys, an immediate response to growing attached to them, then after what seems to him as rejection, well let's just say he can't handle it. He flies into a fit of rage and...."Leaving the diagnosis no parent wants to hear, Gary stops short of saying it. However, Steve blurts out, "Was it Denis' intention to um... do away with himself?""It's apparent now," Gary informs the dads, "Denis has suicidal ideations."Closing his eyes, Steve blots out the world with Preteen Model Bbs his fists gouging at his eyes. "I... I can't believe it. Things were going along so well this last year of high school. He had plans of finding a job... attending college."As Barry comforted his lover, he confronts Dr. Roberts, "So what are our options, here?""For now, a regiment of medications. You can figure Denis being here for two more weeks, at the least," Luke de Mott gives his opinion."It's going to tear his heart out. He was planning on graduating and... well I suppose this puts precedent over all that," Steve says.Gary Roberts explains, "Considering the heigtened amount of depression and anxiety, it very could well be Denis is not even thinking about graduation or the other things which had been important to him."Reiterating, Barry asks, "So, where do we go from here?"Gary nods to Luke, who explains, opening a folder, "It might be wise to get Denis away from here for awhile.""To go where?" Steve sternly asks, more anxious to see Denis at home, back to his old routine.Standing up, Luke hands out a brochure to each of the dads."North.. Pacific.. Experience Nature?" Barry questions, looking to Gary Roberts for details."Yes," Luke goes on to explain. "Behavioral Health isn't what it was Preteen Model Bbs decades ago. More sophisticated, `Experience Nature', is a new hands on therapy treatment for troubled teens from age eighteen to twenty-four. The staff members at `Experience Nature', are trained to help Denis cope with the reasons behind his Preteen Model Bbs actions, teaching him strategies to make more healthy choices in his future.""Where is this place?" Steve asks, looking at the serene setting on the front cover of the brochure, canoe on Preteen Model Bbs a lake, surrounded by thick forests of lush green."Almost in our backyard," Gary says, whimsically, adding a smile. "Salmon Creek State Forest?""That's not at all far," Barry says, his hand placed on Steve's, giving his partner reassurance things would look up, given time for Denis to heal. "We could visit him...""It would not be possible for you to see Denis, for the first month of camp.""What?" Steve acts out, angered, jumping out of his seat. "He's our son."Helping to calm Steve, Barry again paws his delts, saying, "We have to trust...""I know," Steve already gets the idea his lover is putting forth."So, what are the details, regarding getting Denis started?" Barry asks, trusting Dr. Roberts' opinions."Well," he inhales, taking longer time to exhale, "first of all, it doesn't come cheap."Squeezing Steve's hand, Barry asks, "How much?""Roughly fifteen hundred a month," Gary replies."Oh shit!" Steve replies to the hefty amount.However, fully confident, Barry inquires, "You are thoroughly sure this will be helpful to Denis?""Nothing is certain, Barry."Jumping into the conversation, Jack, for the first time, states, "We have some references if you would like to see them?"Nudging Luke's arm, Denis' counselor slips several pages from his manila folder, sliding them across the table.Steve, even though he's cared for Denis, as sole guardian, since he was a youngster, looks at this from one point of view, "I don't see where we're going to get the money.""We'll make do somehow," Barry replies, picking up a handful of the letters from parents, acting more calm then his other half.%"What are you working on?" Christian inquires, removing his tie, unbuttoning the top of his shirt, not stopping til he hits his navel."I `was' working on my first trio," Justin throws the pencil down on top of the lined music paper, "but it's just not coming together.""Oh. Well how long have you been going at it?" He asks, standing behind Justin, finger at play, massaging his neck and shoulders."Since this afternoon. What time is it anyway?""About seven."Saying nothing more, Justin relaxed, feeling his lover migrate under the collar of his shirt, taking the liberty to unfasten two buttons, hands on the inside, pawing at his lover's hairy chest."I think I need a break," Justin informs him.He was just about to add, `upstairs', when Christian challenged him with, "What do we have to eat?""Uncle Seb made some lasagna. I haven't eaten either," Justin replied, trading some bed-time, to fill his gut.After Justin asked and Christian filled him in on his not so exciting day, the ball returns to Justin's court."Well, something somewhat exciting happened to me today, but I don't know if it's going to really interest me."Christian stopped, with a forkful ready to enter his mouth. "So?""I don't know. It's going to take up a lot of my... our time," Justin beat around the bush."Something about school?""Yeah," still Justin put off the news.Setting his loaded fork on his plate, Christian gave his undivided attention, asking, "What gives, Jus?""When Professor Zhang...""He's the head of the music department, right?""So, you do pay attention!" Justin jokes.Remaining cool, Christian finally forces the issue, "So what are trying to tell me, that you don't want to tell me?""I want to. Really I do. It's just that," Justin exhales, a frown on his face, "Professor Zhang asked me if I would like to go on a tour of China, with some other music students from other colleges.""So? I think it's a great idea," Christian replies, picking up his fork, working his way through the plate of lasagna, not realizing the implications. "You should go.""I'm not going to be around to be with you, though.""That's sweet babe, but I think if it's going to be beneficial for you, we can get along being apart for a couple of weeks."The smile on Christian's face began to fade, when he saw the frown on his lovers.Coughing, Justin tried to find the guts to finally say, "It's going to be more than two weeks.""Three?" Christian asked, thinking it would be stretching it, but doable. When Justin didn't answer, he started losing his humor, asking, "Four?""Try the whole summer?" Justin finally breaks it to him."The... the whole summer? But that's like eight weeks!" Christian says, aghast."I know. That's why I don't think I should go."Before anybody makes any decisions, Christian asks, "Well what are you going to do, besides seeing some old temples?""That's not the purpose of the trip. We will be working with musicians from China, plus others from areas in world, gathering for this special occasion.""Special occasion?" Christian inquires."Another reason why this is important to me. The symphony orchestra will be premiering one of my compositons. Remember the second symphony I Preteen Model Bbs wrote last year?""I remember. Wild horses couldn't keep you from whistling those tunes over and over again, throughout the house!" Christian answered, forcing a smile."It's going to be taped, shown on Tv, so if I'm not there, it's no big deal."However, Christian could see from Justin's outlook, it `was' a big deal and he was turning it down for him."Listen Jus," Christian again retired his fork to the plate, scooting his chair around the side of the kitchen table, putting his arm around his other half's shoulder, "we have the rest of our lives to be together. Sure, I'm going to miss you terribly for the two months you are away, but I think it is a good thing for you to be at the premiere of your symphony.""I'd like to, but... what about us?""We can rekindle the flame when you return. Besides, then I won't have to worry about being home much, while Michael reopens and starts up his new restaurant," Christian tried to rationalize things."I don't know," Justin said, like he lost his best friend."How long do we have to think about it?" Christian quizzed him."Like yesterday?""What made you put it off?""I dunno. Maybe I thought you would be pissed or something," Justin replied.Christian asks, "Um, how long have we known each other? A year?""Something like that.""Well, have we ever gotten angry at each other? Have we ever had a disagreement?""There's always a first time," Justin says, cracking a slight smile."Phooey! I'm happy for you. I'm proud to have you as my... partner?"Then Justin comes up with, "Maybe we can get married when I get back?""Or before you go?" Christian says, "Even though we don't have much time to plan.""It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just family and friends, a reception at the church," Justin adds his own ideas, feeling more upbeat.""Sounds cool. Tomorrow I'll get on it, in between making calls at work.""I think we both should plan it.""Right," Christian cuts in, thinking out loud, "Maybe you can talk to Pastor Jack?""Sure. I'll set up a time when we can both go visit him.""Cool," Christian replies."Chris, thanks.""For what?""For being understanding.""Yeah, well you better just remember to bring me home a souvenir," Christian jokes."I don't know if he will fit in my luggage!"%"Tie him nice and tight, Bill?""Oh yeah. We'll be in the next state before they find him... that is `if' some bear doesn't get to him first!"Both truckers laughed their asses off, both relieved, having dumped two loads, down Kev's throat and up his ass. Plus, before Bill left Kev, stripped and hogtied, he slapped Kev around, punched and kicked him, til he was incoherent, leaving his body deep in the woods to rot.%"Um, I know I'm cutting it close, but I didn't really have anybody I was cool with, to Preteen Model Bbs go to the prom. Want to go with me?""Me? But aren't you supposed to take a senior?" Jose questions Mark's intentions."Anybody can take whoever they want. I'm just sorry I didn't..." Mark smiles, as he looks at Jose.As if reading Mark's mind, Jose says, "Sorry you didn't know me sooner?""Quick! What time is it?"Jose looks at his wrist, replying, "Quarter to eight.""We still got time. The tuxedo shop doesn't close til nine," Mark calls out, already up, pulling Jose by the arm."Wait a minute. You're forgetting one thing.""Oh? What's that?" Mark asks."I... I don't have that kind of cash."Mark deliberates, then says, "No sweat. I have some stashed away.""Are you sure?""Yeah, I'm sure. Besides, I'll be working this summer at Birdy's.""When did you find this out?""The manager called and talked to Tom. He said to be sure to tell me," Mark responds, glowing with excitement."I can't wait til I find a `real' job," Jose says."Yeah. C'mon, before the store closes!"%"So, how did the daily grind treat you today, babe?""Well," Kevin starts in, stripping his white crew tee, "so far the new guy seems to be working out."As he peels his pants off each leg, Michael asks, "Which one is he again?""Fil Vitagliano ring a bell?""Oh yes. Fil. The one you snagged at Barrs & Bridges," it occurs to Michael, as he downs his plaid boxer shorts. "So, how's he doing? Wreck the truck yet?""He better not!"Both partners agreed, considering the hundred and thirty thou Michael shelled out for the two Chevy cube trucks."I think he's going to be good for me," Kevin states, picking up the sheet and climbing under."Oh really?" Michael connects the innocent statement with something of a sexual nature.Recognizing the ploy, Kevin reveals his own abstract, "Too bad the back of the truck is refrigerated. Would make the perfect place to makeout!"It earned Kevin a harsh niptug, Michael singling out his right nip, nestled amid the shaggy brown chest hair."Owch! Ow! Ow! Ow!"With a sly smile, Michael comments, "Yeah, right Kevin!" Same time, lifting the sheet after spotting the pup tent. Then, snapping his fingers, he says, getting up, "Forgot something. Be right back!"As Kevin lay there, hands behind his head, he pictured his mate coming back with a new tube of lube or something. Instead, what he saw, made him do a sit up, as he exclaimed, "And what the hell are you supposed to be?""Tonight, this room is `under construction'!"At least one thing Kevin thought about, laughing at Michael, in the construction man's getup, the thin tube of lube, sticking out of a small opening in the utility belt, meant for a screwdriver. "Hot!" Kevin shouted out, as he got up on the bed, knelt, to get a better look, as Michael stood there, yellow hardhat on his head and to top it off, a pair of unlaced `Catepillar' boots on his feet.With Kevin's excitement, Michael added some of his own, as he held his hard shaft, asking, "Ready for this jackhammer?"%"Very impressive, Maury.""Think so?" Maury asks, flipping over some eggs."Tell me, Evan," Jim asks their twenty year old college friend, sitting there in a pair of low-low rise briefs, "you must be feeling kind of sore, after Maury stuffed his barrel up your ass?""Oh yeah," Evan replies, "I can hardly stay seated on this bench." He starts rocking side to side.Connor looks to Jim, the two exchanging glances, as Connor, taking a swig of OJ right out the container, says, "It sure looks like Maury was plowing you hard."It went on and on, the two eighteen year olds slinging comments back and forth, as if praising the events of a horror movie.Finally, Evan, a smile to his lips, says, "I think they're on to us, Maury.""Oh?" Jim and Connor both say, glancing at Maury, a grin on his face, as he holds the frying pan in one hand, turner in the other.Powerless to do anything, being his hands are full, Jim walks over and grabs hold of his nips, squeezing hard."Owwww...owch..owch..owch... owch!" Maury complains of the squeezing and mashing."I'm going to squeeze a lot harder, unless you come clean!" Maury's assailant informs him."Okay.... okay.... I'll tell!"Letting go, Maury looks down at his chest, seeing his red nips through the forest of hair.Connor jokes, "Don't stop, Jim. I think Maury was getting a kick out of it!">From chest to waist, they all drop their eyes, seeing Maury's boxer shorts tenting."Who woulda thought?" Jim mocks."Hey, we all have our sensitive spots," Maury replies, sarcastically. "I have yet to find yours!""Don't bet on it. I don't go for that pain stuff," Jim retorts.Stashing it in the back of his mind, Maury figures he'll wait til the perfect moment arrives, when they can discover the real truth together."So? About last night?" Connor reminds them the subject of the brutal niptugs."Yeah," Jim follows through, "was that a put-up or what?"They most likely could have provoked Evan enough, to reveal the information they sought after, but Jim though it more fun badgering Maury. Connor followed his lead."Maybe," Maury said.Fashioning his fingers and thumbs in round circles, Jim made the tips of them into pincers, giving Maury the message, "We could make you talk?""Okay. So I didn't really fuck him. Happy?"Connor turns to Evan, saying, "Man, you're a good actor. You fooled me. I really thought Maury was pounding your ass!"Smiling, Evan says, "Well it's not like I was getting gypped. My cock and balls got a hot workout, when he slid his beer can between my pubes and the bed."Still not believing, Jim says, amazed, "Well you sure fooled me, Evan. I mean, I.. we... Connor and me, thought for sure you are a total top.""Who says I'm not!"Disregarding Evan, Jim, arms crossing his teen chest, says to Maury, "You still owe us," regarding his promise to allow the two to view him fucking a guy.%"You know what's really pathetic, Darryl?" Julian asks, lying there in bed, head between Darryl's legs."What's that?""You couldn't care less about how you've treated me all day, but when it comes to pleasuring your cock... I don't hear you complaining now."Smiling, for the first time today, Darryl replies, "I don't see you complaining either!"A tough decision for Julian to make, he swishes his tongue around in his mouth, gets up, using Darryl's stomach for a catalyst, flings his bod down on the bed, Darryl's left side."Wait! You can't just stop and leave me like this!"Seeing who is in control now, Julian states, "Oh really? Maybe I should get some kind of reimbursement for a blowjob?""You want me to pay you, do you?" Darryl said."Money? I've never had sex for money and don't intend on starting.""Then what?"Being very sly, Julian tells him, "How about a kiss?""Kiss? Why? We've never bothered with that stuff before?""Once," Julian reminds him, "during our first time together.""Yeah and it was like... I wasn't feeling anything, okay?""Is that right? Don't tell me you weren't enjoying me slurping your balls or your cock down my throat, or...""Alright. So I was enjoying it, but the kissing stuff... I...."Getting right to the point, Julian dictates, "It's either I get a kiss now, or no more suckjob!"Putting his arms across his chest, Julian dragged Darryl's cuffed wrist onto his midsection.After a grunt of frustration, his dry hand replacing his bedfellow's wet mouth, Darryl concedes, "Okay, but one kiss and that's it!" Tilting his head to the side, Darryl pecks Julian on the cheek."Oh wow," Julian replies in a monotone. "How romantic, Darryl.""Did you forget we live together for only the sex? No strings attached?"Then, nonchalantly, Julian puts it, "And why does it have to be that way?"Sinking his head into his pillow, Darryl stares at the ceiling, saying, "What do I have to do to get through to you?""On the other hand," Julian rephrases it, "maybe I have to go to extremes, to get it through to you?"Darryl didn't have a choice, nor chance to reply, as Julian took the reins, flopping his body over onto Darryl's, lining up his lips with Darryl, putting his free hand behind his head, Frenching him.%Copyright 2008 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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